Hypertension Specialist

Treating hypertension or high blood pressure is vital for your health and wellbeing. If you think you are suffering from hypertension Dr. Gary Miller in Washington, DC is a pulmonologist. Dr. Miller can diagnose and manage your chronic condition. Discover the facts about hypertension so you can take control of this medical problem.

Hypertension Q & A

What Does It Mean if I am Diagnosed With Hypertension?

If you are diagnosed with hypertension you have an excessively high blood pressure. However, you aren’t alone as more than 80 million Americans are suffering from hypertension according to the American Heart Association. This heart condition is caused when your blood is being forced through your blood vessels at a high rate on a consistent basis. Individuals with a blood pressure of 140-159/90-99 mm Hg are diagnosed with stage 1 hypertension. A blood pressure of 160/100 mmHg or more indicates stage 2 hypertension. If you have a higher blood pressure than this contact Dr. Miller immediately to arrange for an office visit as you are in a medical crisis.

What are the Common Signs of Hypertension?

As for common signs of hypertension, this can be difficult since most people never see any symptoms. Also known as the silent killer high blood pressure typically causes grave damage including a heart attack or stroke before the individual is diagnosed with HBP. Therefore it is essential to get regular preventative care for your health and wellbeing. At his office, Dr. Miller provides comprehensive preventative medicine that includes a regular checkup of your heart and blood pressure. Through early detection, you can best protect your heart from the dangers of hypertension.

Why Should I Visit Dr. Miller for Diagnosing and Treating My Hypertension?

If you are in the greater Washington, DC area Dr. Miller is available to serve as your internist and pulmonologist. By getting professional treatment by a board-certified internist who specializes in pulmonology you are receiving the best care for your hypertension. While there is no cure for hypertension there are ways to manage this chronic condition. Dr. Miller offers hypertension management in order to help you to avoid having a heart attack, stroke, or other health problems resulting from hypertension.