Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine Specialist

Preventative medicine gives individuals the ability to protect themselves from chronic diseases and health conditions. If you are interested in preventative medicine in Washington, DC visit Dr. Gary Miller. Dr. Miller offers preventative health services to help individuals avoid illness and disease.

Preventative Medicine Q & A

What Does Preventative Medicine Involve?

Preventative medicine is aimed at improving your health and helping you to avoid getting sick. The most common forms of preventative medicine are immunizations and screening tests. More advanced forms of preventative medicine focus on your individual health. Your internal medicine provider can analyze your medical history along with your genetic history and current health condition. Using all of these factors they are able to determine if you are more likely to develop certain chronic diseases or illnesses. Using this information your internist can provide focused and personalized preventative medicine that will best serve your health and wellness.

What is Preventative Medicine as Provided by Dr. Miller in Washington, DC?

Dr. Miller in Washington, DC is a board-certified internist who specializes in preventative medicine. Using his extensive training in internal medicine, as well as in pulmonology, Dr. Miller will determine which diseases or conditions are most likely to affect you. Thanks to his service in concierge medicine Dr. Miller is able to develop a close, professional relationship with you as your doctor. As a result, he can go beyond general preventative care and provide you with a personalized health plan.

Why is Preventative Care Important for My Health and Wellness?

The best medicine for any disease is prevention, which is why preventative care is so essential to your overall health. By preventing diseases and illnesses from having an adverse effect on your health, you can avoid lengthy hospital stays, expensive medications, and the overall stress of being sick or in pain. Preventative care saves you time and money. If you would like more information on what Dr. Miller in Washington, DC can do to help you prevent disease and illness, visit Dr. Miller’s office.